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Coffee is more than just fuel. It is art;

Coffee is more than just fuel. It is art;

we curate an experience for the coffee drinker - and in these moments, we are inspired

with skill, imagination, passion, and creativity. TADAA.Coffee is the mixture that brings individuals to a common setting - it brings people together.

It is connection.

There is history to coffee.Coffee is heritage and it is tradition. Similarly to food, coffee is a way people can express care and affection towards one another. Culinary traditions tend to have a way of stirring up memories of, and for, the people we love. We can pour with intention into the cup being brewed, sprinkled with thou

ght and care in the way we prepare someone’s favorite drink. We pay close attention to the flavors people like - the roast of the bean, the profiles, aromas and accents that compliment- and are sensitive to the ingredients we incorporate. Some recipes are passed down through generations and often times new concoctions are brainstormed in the presence of another.Pssst… guess what? There’s more.Sharing space while drinking coffee also strengthens bonds between people.Think about some of the conversations you’ve recently shared with others while sipping your daily cup (or cups) of coffee. What did you learn or rediscover about yourself? What did you learn of the person you were conversing with? Did you two share a funny story? Did you brainstorm a new project? Did you talk about a recent movie or family outing that has taken place? Maybe you began to sort through your holiday plans and what these next few weeks will look like for you…Fortunately, the bonds that coffee create don’t have to end when your cup is empty.

In fact, sometimes, the bottom of the cup is where the creation of something new begins.Our challenge to you this week is to honor your TADAA moments.

Here at TADAA.COFFEE, we encourage you to be bold like your coffee and pour into that idea that’s been brewing.What flows from your cup could be history in the making.

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