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POURtals Now Open FRIDAY-SUNDAY 8am-4pm

Current Menu

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we are located at HAPPIER CAMPER HQ :

at their outdoor showroom located on the North Side of the building. 

you can get here by parking at:

 📍LEWIS MacAdams Riverfront Park 

2944 Gleneden St, Los Angeles, CA 90039

take a magical stroll to the LA RIVER bike path and our POURtal is a few steps away from the park. 



Experience the radiant ambiance at our new collaboration with Happier Camper – an outdoor cafe that serves as a gateway to our vision of TADAAria. Picture a realm where high-vibrational entities, including flourishing plants, bask in the golden glow. The cafe, set against a desert landscape, invites you to revel in friendly and fun vibes. Explore the space, indulge in the atmosphere, and discover the joyous campers awaiting your delightful experience.


Pop-Ups Events

Welcome to our vibrant space, where community thrives and fun never rests! We're dedicated to curating exciting pop-up events that cater to everyone's well-being and enjoyment. Join us for free weekly yoga sessions, invigorating breathwork sessions, soothing sound baths, and engaging workshops that are perfect for kids. There's always something new and delightful happening here – a place where joy and connection flourish. Come be a part of our dynamic community, where every event is an opportunity to celebrate and uplift together!

Calling all activity enthusiasts and creative souls! 🎉✨ Do you have a knack for hosting engaging and lively events? Want to sprinkle some extra excitement into our cafe's atmosphere? Look no further - we're on the lookout for passionate individuals like you to bring your unique activities to our space!

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